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Nature provides a beautiful canvas for creation, inspiring artists to create original and captivating works that take our breath away. The rich mixture of textures that develop with the seasons enrich life and enliven the senses. We have taken it upon ourselves to partner with nature, the art of transforming timber in all of its uniqueness and vibrancy into functional design, has been mastered by our craftsmen. We embrace a unique combination of traditional expertise and a forward-thinking mindset, fulfilling an innate desire for timeless aesthetic perfection.

Suitable for underfloor heating

Luxury and finest matt wax oiled or satin wax oiled.

Different grading for your selection, Prime, Nature and Rustic

Different thickness 13mm, 16mm and 21mm.

Random length 800mm - 2400mm

Available for different pattern, Chevon, Herringbone or plank

Made in UK