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Admonter Acoustic Panel

The new acoustic elements skillfully optimise the acoustic properties of a space - the ideal solution for seminar and conference rooms, as well as for catering or restaurant facilities.

The nautral ecological structure and low wewight per unit area make it ideal for new construction as well as renovation. The design trends in modern architecture, such as open spaces, minimalist furnishings and vast glass and concrete surfaces, pose major challenges to designers and architects when it comes to pleasant room acoustics. Admonter's acoustic elements open up new possibilities for acoustic and visual interior design.



  • Solid wood top sheet (cutting geometry: 15 mm web – 3 mm slot)
  • 30 mm honeycomb core
  • Acoustic fleece rear lining (simultaneous trickle protection)


  • CE marking according to EN 13964
  • Profile: all-round groove with MDF tongue for continuous installation
  • Reaction to fire according to EN 13501: D-s2, d0
  • Sound absorption class according to EN 11654: A
  • Sound absorption coefficient according to EN 11654: W 1,00
  • Acoustically open area: 17.5%
  • Surface weight / element: approximately 4,4 kg/m2
  • Surface: raw or naturally oiled
  • Can also be used on radii and bends
  • Free of pollutants and respirable fibres
  • Vapour diffusive
  • Ambient area: room temperature 10 - 30°C / humidity 25 - 65% / (short-term exceeding or undershooting possible)